Monday, June 6, 2011

Hatred Neutral Like & Love

What with it? Lets go through one by one.

Hatred (or hate) is a deep and emotional extreme dislike, directed against a certain object or class of objects.

Neutral feeling is a feeling in between hatred and like/love. Neither hatred nor like/love include in this feel.

Like generally as a verb like refers to a fondness for something or someone. Like can be used to express a feeling of attraction between two people, weaker than love and distinct from it in important ways. It does not necessarily imply a romantic attraction.

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Yes, love always go the other way unexpected. May be you should read Love checklists by Frog Princesz. It really amaze me.

Okay, back on track. What I really want to talk here is about what we do in daily life. Okay, simple question, do you love durian? Some say "euwwww smelly", some say "its ok but I don't really eat it", some say "oh sure" and some say "I want more!!". Haha.. May be this is not really a good example. But what I mean is once we saying something negative on it, we actually already did make that thing much more difficult, less exciting, tiresome, and bu bu bu bu~ ("bu" in Mandarin is a word that combine with other word that will bring negative or NO to the word if not mistaken. Please feel easy to tell me if I am wrong.)

Really, hatred will drag other negative thing together with it to us. But how about like and love? I like girls but I love a girl. I like money but I love making money. I am not pro about "love" one someone so I won't touch regarding it deeply right here.

Employer: Do you like this job?
Mr. A: Yes.

Employer: Do you love this job?
Mr. B: Yes.

No guarantee, but who do you think will do the best? Mr. A or Mr. B? Why? When it about love, a person won't give up and definitely struggle and keep trying to achieve his target. Never give up.

But how about a person that desperately have to work to support his family? Before this he hate his job, he will tired whole day. Yet, he need to keep work and work. But if he at least have neutral feeling on his job, will he feel extreme tired like before?

A song thats played on hallmark channel its goes like this:

hey baby don't forget
live a life with no regrets
you know you got to love this life
love your life
how can you be blue
when the world awaits for you
lovin your life
life life life is beautiful
love your life

Nice isn't it? :-)

I think this is end of my thought for now. Before that, let inspired by this quote:
" Cherish Yesterday-Live Today-Dream Tomorrow "

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