Saturday, June 4, 2011

Promise or Desire?

is a sense of longing for a person or object or hoping for an outcome. I ask myself, what are our desire in this life? Own sport car? Married with hot chick? Big house? Become a successful person? What is success?

But how about,

Promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something. Once again I ask myself, how many promises that we have fulfilled? If we stop half-way how far have we done/try?

Basically it's like desire is willing with hope and promise is more like trying with effort. Does it enough to have just "WILL" with "HOPE" and "TRY" with "EFFORT"?

refers to the desire of an individual, and the acts done when such decisions are put into effect. The question here, how strong is our will? Strong enough to shake the world? Strong enough until it can break all doubt? Or easily stop by an obstacle?

Hope is the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Does hope help us? Are we depending one hope? Have we try to put some effort to make it come true?

Try is an attempt to do or accomplish something. Is it only stuck at just "attempt" stage or until it "accomplish"? Personally, how do you define "try"? "Attempt" or "Accomplish"? That bring big different.

Effort. The etymology
from Middle French effort, from Old French esfort, deverbal noun from esforcier (to force, exert), from Vulgar Latin *exfortiare, from Latin ex + fortis (strong). And the synonym is struggle. "Strong" huh!?

What ever it is, I always
adherence to this principles:

"Expect the worst, do the best."

This things confuse me until I read a quote in a book named "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins.

"Know that it is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny."

"Promise or Desire"? Definitely NO! It is "Promise AND Desire"

I once almost give up on something. Then promise to myself to "disappear" in certain period. It is complicated. Unexplainable. But that how it goes. I got desire on it, I got promise on myself. But I choose promise more than desire at that time.

But now I know I should give up although it is almost impossible and waiting for miracle for my wish come true. Is it? No! I need both Desire and Promise! I am willing to continue although it is pain and hopeless. And the worst case, I might lose it! Am I stupid? What ever!! Why do I need to care about what others think about me? Am I crazy? Yes! Hahahaha!! I am crazy waiting and trying to achieve it every seconds. I put all my efforts on it. Will I succeed? Come on tell me, do you want to feel the  regret not put some "Promise and Desire" by considering the current conditions OR have a chance of success that might cause you happy and new experience if you fail??

I have decide although I am not perfect and still have tonnes of weaknesses inside me, I am going to proceed what ever it takes even I know I am near to failure. This is my destiny.


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